Hungarian participation in the

Extreme Light Infrastructure Preparatory Phase


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Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics  RISSPO University of Szeged University of Pécs South-Trans Danubian Cooperative Research Centre Research Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics

Institute of Optics & Quantumelectronics TeWaTi Research Group

Department of Experimetal Physics    
Main contractor: RISSPO

Hungarian ELI representative: Aladár Czitrovszky, DSc.

Funding agency: NKTH National Office for Research & Technology

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ELI-HU Non-profit Ltd. has been founded for coordination of the Hungarian ELI-pillar investments

Within the framework of the Operational Programmes of New Hungary Development Plan, the preparatory project of the Hungarian ELI-pillar research infrastructure begins with 1 billion Ft European fund. ELI is one of the EU's 44 most outstanding large research infrastructures. Construction works are planned to start in the second half of 2011 in Szeged, the host town of the Hungarian ELI-pillar. This project is a great challenge and a great opportunity for the researchers and for the whole country as well. The ELI-HU Non-profit Ltd shall prepare and coordinate the project.


Szeged, the Prague, Bucarest the first three ELI-pillars!

Launched in November 2007, the preparatory phase of ELI,
involves nearly 40 research and academic institutions from
13 EU countries. In Prague on 1 October 2009 the ELI Steering Committee (SC) made the decision that this pan-European laser facility will form an integrated infrastructure based at three or four sites. The first three sites have
been selected. ELI facilities will be built in Prague (Czech Republic), Szeged (Hungary) and Magurele (Bucarest, Romania) and should be operational in 2015. The location of the fourth facility, dealing with ultrahigh peak power, will be decided in 2012.

The Executive Board of ELI-PP has been extended.

We are glad to announce that the EB decided on founding a Deputy Project Manager position, and appointed Károly Osvay. Congratulations to our colleague Károly, and best wishes for this inspiring work!

Email from Prof. Gerard Mourou, ELI-coordinator:

De : Gérard Mourou [mailto:gerardmourou@gmail.com]
Envoyé : vendredi 5 septembre 2008 18:11
A : Cathy Sarrazin
Objet :

Dear colleagues,

In June the Executive Board had decided to add a position of Deputy Project Manager to the ELI-PP project. After a search process, Karoly Osvay was selected and approved by our last EB on the 3rd of sept.. Because the size of the ELI project, this new position had to be added. I have no doubt that Jean Paul and Karoly will make a winning team and will lead ELI to success.

Thanks Karoly for accepting the position!!

Best regards





13rd June, Budapest: International workshop for WP4A participants!